Hi Girls!! I'm Megan Charpentier!! As you can see I am an actress known from my role as Victoria on MAMA and The Red Queen on Resident Evil:Retribution. I created this wiki for girls so girls can have a good time!! Chat, discuss, talk and more!! You girls can create as many template as you want! So where was I? Oh yeah! I created this wiki for girls to take off stress out of them. I just hope and wish that this wiki would grow and spread! Well here a the rules ladies:

  • Never, I repeat, Never Spam!
  • Never ever argue with our fellow users!
  • Never Vandalize. Ever!
  • Do not start a war
  • If someone's hurting your feelings then message me and I'll block them!
Looks like we're all clear! That's it girls! Thanks for your time on reading this! Bye!! Hope we all became good friends!! Okay bye!

Me (Megan Charpentier)